Driving Tips for Los Angeles

At Rent A Wreck Los Angeles, we want our young drivers to be prepared and aware of the local laws, driving tips and the best possible short cuts to where they are going.

Here are some tips for taking to the road in L.A. and making sure that you don't end up with a ticket, or even worse, in an accident.

Getting Directions

Spend some time with our staff to get good directions before getting in the car. We know the highways, local street congestion problem areas and side streets so we can help get you there safely with less stress. If you miss a turn or get lost, getting back on track might take longer than you'd expect simply because of the number of cars on the road. Additionally, making a u-turn is illegal at many intersections. That's why it's so important to have good directions before getting in the car. In addition, getting a GPS unit is a good idea while on your trip.

Pay Extra Attention at Intersections

At some point in Los Angeles driving history, it became universally understood that more than one car should turn left after the light has changed to red. Though this is not legal and is often dangerous, you'll often see multiple cars pulled into the intersection waiting to make a left once the light changes. Though it is not a recommended practice, visitors should always be aware that other drivers will make use of this technique. When going straight, it's worth waiting a few seconds after the light turns green before proceeding to make sure that no one is going to turn left in front of you.

Major Intersections Have Traffic Cameras

Most major intersections in Los Angeles have cameras installed to catch drivers who run red lights. If your rental car enters the intersection after the light has turned red, the camera will take a photo of your car's license plate and front window. Tickets are expensive and accidents aren't fun, so don't take any chances when it comes to red lights.

Put Down Your Cell Phone

A recently enacted law in California forbids drivers from talking on a handset while driving. If you anticipate making or receiving phone calls while on the road, make sure you have a hands-free device to avoid getting a ticket. The new law also forbids teenagers under 18 from talking on a mobile phone while driving entirely, regardless of whether they have a hands-free device, so if your son or daughter will be driving the rental car, make sure someone over 18 does the phone talking. NO TEXTING WHILE DRIVING, THAT'S THE LAW!