Celebrating 60 Years Serving Los Angeles

Rent A Wreck It all started here. We are the very first original Rent A Wreck location. Today, Rent A Wreck is an international company with numerous locations throughout the U.S and Europe. We are owner-operated in Los Angeles — under the same ownership since 1959. Just like its eclectic mix of new, older and Classic Cars, Rent A Wreck of Los Angeles has been a unique presence in Los Angeles for many decades. We are well known for, and take pride in our low rates and great personalized customer service.

Flexible Car Rental Options at Fair Prices

We are also known for our flexible car rental options at fair prices, for daily, weekly or monthly rentals. We keep our fleet of rental cars, rental trucks, and rental vans clean, well maintained and available.

Car Rentals for Under 25 and Under 21 Years Old

We've put an end to the frustration young licensed drivers feel when they try to rent a car. It is difficult for someone under the age of 21 to rent a car. However, we do provide that service to you.

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